When to take pct on anavar

“There is no dearth of interest in the stressed assets. But the challenge is a lot of these assets are in sectors that are already suffering – steel, textile, power, etc. When the steel sector is overall not performing well, where will you get an attractive offer from? The potential investors will only want to buy a distressed asset if they believe they are getting a deal at a good value. But for the banks, the market determined rate is a very tough thing to accept. The challenge is that there is a disconnect between market valuations and expectations,” said Reshmi Khurana, MD and Head of South Asia, Kroll.

Hi Bill! I know you are a very busy guy and I’m sure you get plenty of questions regarding this topic…but I need your advice. I have basically been on cycle non-stop for almost 6 years. I am planning to come off very soon. Been using test prop every 3 to 4 days. You mentioned not to use HCG for PCT. I was planning to do HCG at 1000iu 3 times a week one weeks after my last shot of test prop (100mg)….concurrently using 20mg of Nolvadex all the way. 1st week out…100mg of clomid. Then 50mg of clomid for the next two weeks. After stopping the clomid n HCG aftrr the first three weeks…I continue with nolvadex all the way until recovery…am planning to use tribulus after the third weeks during PCT to help with free testosterone production…will this work?

When to take pct on anavar

when to take pct on anavar


when to take pct on anavarwhen to take pct on anavarwhen to take pct on anavarwhen to take pct on anavarwhen to take pct on anavar