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The Congress of Erfurt sought to preserve the Russo-French alliance and the leaders had a friendly personal relationship after their first meeting at Tilsit in 1807. However, in June 23 , 1812 , Napoleon went to war with Russia . The French invasion of Russia defeated many Russian cities and villages, but by the time they reached Moscow it was winter. Due to the Russian army's scorched earth tactics, the French found little food for themselves and their horses. Napoleon's army was unable to defeat the Russians. The Russians began to attack. Napoleon and his army had to go back to France. The French suffered greatly in during Napoleon's retreat. Most of his soldiers never returned to France. His army was reduced to 70,000 soldiers and 40,000 stragglers, against more than three times as many Allied troops. Finally at the 1813 Battle of the Nations he was defeated by the Allies: Sweden , Russia , Austria , and Prussia .

When you think about Holland, you probably think of tulips , windmills and cheese . These and other icons can be found throughout Holland. Friesland and Zeeland are wonderful provinces for cycling tours, Noord-Brabant and Gelderland are the place to discover art by Vincent van Gogh , Bosch and other Dutch masters , and traditional cheese can be enjoyed in Limburg . Unique in Holland: Drenthe boasts prehistoric remains, such as the megalithic tombs called hunebeds .  If the weather turns cold enough, ice-skating enthusiasts can register for the Elfstedentocht . This route on natural ice takes you to eleven Friesian cities. If there is no ice, the cities are well worth a visit even when the weather is good.

After leaving Outlawz, Napoleon released the album Napoleon Presents The Loyalty Fam followed by a volume 2 and featured on many other artists albums, such as Tha Dogg Pound , Scarface , Lil Wayne , Baby , Hot Boys and the late pop star Teena Marie . Finally, Napoleon appeared and wrote the lyrics for a song by DMC , from the legendary rap group Run DMC . As a member of Outlawz, Napoleon also appeared on a number of Shakur's posthumous releases, as well as the Geto Boys album Da Good Da Bad & Da Ugly . He also recorded the 2004 tribute song "Never Forget" with Val Young and Johnny "J" (who also produced the track) to his late friend and mentor 2Pac.

Napoleon nederlands

napoleon nederlands


napoleon nederlandsnapoleon nederlandsnapoleon nederlandsnapoleon nederlandsnapoleon nederlands