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He was moved to the Bureau of Topography of the Committee of Public Safety and sought unsuccessfully to be transferred to Constantinople in order to offer his services to the Sultan . [42] During this period, he wrote the romantic novella Clisson et Eugénie , about a soldier and his lover, in a clear parallel to Bonaparte's own relationship with Désirée. [43] On 15 September, Bonaparte was removed from the list of generals in regular service for his refusal to serve in the Vendée campaign. He faced a difficult financial situation and reduced career prospects. [44]

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In 2006, about 12–15% of Hezbollah's forces were part of ATGM teams. [14] They successfully integrated ATGM teams with indirect fire, which gave the group the ability to reposition their forces and conduct more efficient ambushes. [10] ATGM teams could engage Israel at a range of several kilometers, giving Hezbollah standoff capability. [46] The New York Times reports that 20% of ATGM attacks on tanks caused casualties or penetrated armor, [30] but Israeli military reports suggest this number was higher, at 45%. [36] Hezbollah fought battles of maneuver and attacked fortified Israeli positions. [10] Hezbollah conducted ambushes that separated Israeli infantry from armor units and inflicted more casualties per Arab fighter than any of Israel's previous opponents. [10] However, ATGM teams had poor night-fighting capacity and were slow to regroup when retreating. [14]

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