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The Company was founded by Samih Darwazah in 1978 in Amman in Jordan. [2] In August 1996 it became the first Arab company to export pharmaceutical products to the United States. [3] It was first listed on the London Stock Exchange in 2005. [2] Recent acquisitions include Instituto Biochimico Pavese Pharma in Italy in 2005 [4] and Jazeera Pharmaceutical Industries in Saudi Arabia in 2006. [2] In 2007 the Company went on to buy APM in Jordan , [5] Alkan Pharma in Egypt , APM and Al Jazeera Pharma in Saudi Arabia [5] Thymoorgan in Germany [2] and Ribosepharm in Germany. [2] It also acquired Multi-Source Injectables in the USA in October 2010. [6] In May 2011 Hikma Pharmaceuticals PLC complete the acquisition of Baxter Healthcare Corporation's US generic injectables business (Multi-Source Injectables or MSI). [7]

These two organisations were merged by the Government in 1981 to form a new, non-statutory body called the British Technology Group . [6] It acted principally to license and commercialise the use of publicly funded developments. The Group was put onto a statutory footing in the British Technology Group Act 1991 [7] with HM Treasury initially being the only shareholder. Subsequently, in March 1992, Cinven arranged a management buy-out from the Government. The company later floated on the London Stock Exchange in 1995. [4] Three years later, on 27 May 1998, the Group adopted its present name. It now focuses its work on developing and commercialising medical innovations. [4]

Btg pharmaceuticals oxandrin

btg pharmaceuticals oxandrin


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