Are nap 50s legal

Men may have the best intentions in the world, but some approach stretching the wrong way. Deborah Bowes , a San Francisco-based Feldenkrais trainer (Feldenkrais is a type of exercise therapy), talks about a former patient whose ideas about flexibility were formed in the military. “They would stretch the lower back and hamstrings by holding a 25-pound weight in each hand, bend over [forward] at the waist and someone would push down on their backs really hard and quick,” Bowes recounted. Needless to say, this strategy can be a recipe for disaster, such as a torn hamstring, ligament or muscle or injury to a joint capsule, vertebral disc or hip joint.

ks, you just reminded me of a story about my cousin. They lived in a rural South African town, late 70’s. My youngest cousin was an escape artist, no fence, gate or wall could keep her in. When she was around 4 years old she would often disappear and my aunt and uncle would search the neighbourhood and find her happily watching tv with complete strangers sometimes. Nobody got upset about it, nobody called the police, she was never assaulted, and all that happened was that an extended community helped to take care of an adventurous little girl.

Are nap 50s legal

are nap 50s legal


are nap 50s legalare nap 50s legal