Anova results interpretation

Hi, I want to investigate sex differences and education level on test anxiety among students. My variables are as follows :
Independent variable 1 – Sex difference (male or female)
Independent variable 2- education level (grade 2 or grade 3 students)
Dependent variable – Test anxiety reported by the students.
Is this suitable for a 2 way ANOVA? If yes, when putting in the data, should I input the score of each student on the Test Anxiety Inventory (TAI)? Or the sum of the students who reported test anxiety? I got confused on how I can key in each datum of upto 261 students that participated. Thanks.

It is important to note that ANOVA is not robust to violations to the assumption of independence.  This is to say, that even if you violate the assumptions of homogeneity or normality, you can conduct the test and basically trust the findings.  However, the results of the ANOVA are invalid if the independence assumption is violated.  In general, with violations of homogeneity the analysis is considered robust if you have equal sized groups.  With violations of normality, continuing with the ANOVA is generally ok if you have a large sample size .

Anova results interpretation

anova results interpretation


anova results interpretationanova results interpretationanova results interpretationanova results interpretationanova results interpretation